Battle Ready Clay Tempered L6 Steel Suguha Hamon Razor Sharp Blade Japanese Samurai Katana Full Tang Sword

-16% Battle Ready Clay Tempered L6 Steel Suguha Hamon Razor Sharp Blade Japanese Samurai Katana Full Tang Sword

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Important Notes:

(1):We can customize your unique sword ,hamon type / blade struture& Length / Sori / Fittings / Evgrave / kissaki type, Or You Want Replace This Sword Fitting, Please Click Here 


(2): We will send sword pictures to you when your sword is completed, and we will ship it to you by EMS (Worldwide Express Mail Service) after your confirmation. and we will send tracking numbers to your registered mail.


(3): Each customized sword comes with a free sword bag and a certificate of authenticity. ( Exceed 300USD Sword Will Have A Extra Box.)


-The Blade Of The Sword Has Been Hand Forged Using The Ancient Method Of Sword  Making . Full Hand Forged And Full Hand Polished.

-The Blade Was Made Of L6 Steel, And It Has Been Laminated In A Maru  Configuration(Single Type Mono Steel). Differential Hardened And Clay Tempered,  Water Quenched And Polished.

-The L6 Steel Is Very Solid And Holds An Edge Well. This Blade Was Then Clay  Tempered And Has More Than 14 Process Hand Sharpening Work. Which Made The  Surface Of The Blade Like A Mirror.

-This Blade Has Been Tried And Tested To Cut Everything That Gets In Its Way.  The Sori (Blade Curvature) Is Specially Crafted To Create Leverage In Order To  Perform The Smoothest And Cleanest Cuts. That In Combination With The Choice Of  Traditional And Our Top Selling Koshirae (Fittings), Assures That You Will Get  The Best Of Both Appearance And Functionality. Important You Can Choose With Or  Without A Bo-Hi (Blood Groove) In The Genuine Forged L6 Steel.

-The Hamon Pattern Is Done In The Same Process As The Traditional Method. Harden  The Edge Is By Using The Special Clay Wrapping The Blade Then Put In Water To  Quench. It Requires A Lot Of Skills. The Fire Temperature Can Not Be Too High Or  Too Low It Needs To Be Well Controlled By The Sword Smith. The Blade Is Then Put  Into Water For Quenching. The Blade Shape Is Done This Process Creates Beautiful  Hamon Hada And Martensite (Grains) On The Blade Surface. Clay To Protect The  Edge And Quenched In Water To Temper The Mune Or Spine Of The Sword. The  Hardness Of The Carbon Steel Measures At An Impressive HRC On The Rockwell  Scale. The Perfect Combination Of The Hardness Of The Edge Steel, And The  Increased Sori (Curvature Of The Blade), Enables This High Quality Blade To  Easily Cut Through Tatami Straw Mats Or Bamboo For Tameshigiri.

-This Blade Comes With A Full Length Tang Which Greatly Enhances The Strength Of  The Sword. The Tip Of The Blade Is A Shaped Shinogi-Zukuri, And With Chu-Kissaki  , It Was Well Defined With The Hamon Going All The Way Through The Boshi.


-Koshirae: The Tsuba (Guard), Fuchi (Sleeve) And Kashira (Buttcap) Of The Sword    Made Of High Quality Brass .The brass Habaki (Blade Collar) Is A One Piece    Construction. Two brass Seppas (Spacer) Secure The Tsuba.

-Tsuka: The Tsuka (Handle) Core Is Wooden And It Is Tightly Wrapped Over Genuine  Ray Skin (Samegawa) With  White Ito Wrapped.The Full Tang Of The Sword Is  Secured   By Two Mekugi (Peg) . You Can Unassembled The Blade From The  Handle By Taking   Out 2 Pegs.

-Saya: The Saya (Sheath) Made Of Real Hard Wooden With Lacquer Work Finished . A    High Quality japanese Sage-O Has Been Tied Around The Kurigata (Knob) Of The Sheath.


Condition: Brand-New

Blade Material: Clay Tempered L6 Steel

Overall Length: 40.9 Inch /104 Cm

Nagasa Length: 28.0inch/71cm

Handle Length: 10.6 Inch / 27 Cm

Blade Shape: Shinogi Zukuri

Blade Edge: Hand Polished Be Razor Sharp

Handle Material: Genuine Ray Skin + Hard Wooden

Blade Width (Near Kissaki): 0.91inch / 2.3cm

Width (Near Habaki): 1.26 Inch / 3.2Cm

tsuba Material: High Quality Japanese Brass

Saya Material: Hard Wooden With Lacquer Work Finished

Kissaki Shape: Chu-kissaki

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