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The ninja, also known as shinobi, were covert mercenaries during the feudal era in Japan that practiced espionage, assassination, and guerilla warfare. Ninjas were not prominent figures in history until the 15th century when they became active in the Iga province and neighboring village of Koga. The stealth of the shinobi may date back farther, but it wasn't until the Sengoku period that ninjas were specially trained for their purpose.

The preferred weapons of the ninja were the katana and also straight blade swords like the ninjato. There are many techniques that ninja utilized with these swords including using them as both a weapon and distraction in one. Ninja swords would be coated with a combination of red pepper and dirt towards the top of the scabbard. When the sword was drawn, the concoction was thrown into the eyes of enemies to distract them before the killing blow.

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