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Our Katanas are forged traditionally by craftsmen. The polishing is also done by a master so that the blade is sharp, and you can perform Tameshigiri cutting. We also offer a razor sharpening option where our master polisher will spend a few extra hours on your sword so that it cuts like a razor.

Yes, every sword on our website is full tang and functional. The full width of the blade extends into the handle and is secured with two bamboo mekugi pegs. Even our most affordable swords (1060 high carbon steel) when sharpened are very capable, and can cut through traditional tatami mats easily. 1060 steel is a great compromise between hardness and durability and is the best option for light to medium cutting and iaido forms.

For heavier cutting such as thick bamboo and bone, we suggest to select one of our L6 steel blades. It’s high hardness and excellent edge retention make it the best option for heavy duty cutting. We offer clay tempered L6 blades (differentially hardened) to give the blade the dual benefit of a very hard/sharp cutting edge, and a softer, flexible spine for added shock absorption.

We Have Some Kinds Of Blade Material Available, Please Check The Attached Pictures And Description And Tell Us Which Blade You Like, And Except The Following Blades, We Can Also Customize The Blade, Such As: Folded Steel,T-10, 1095, L6 Steel, T8 Or T15 Steel Blade, Please Contact Us Free Anytime

Before Choosing The Parts For Your Sword, Please Remember There Are Six Parts To Be Confirmed With The Following Details When Choosing The Customization Options:

Following You Can Get What You Want. All Our Standard Blades Are Available With Customizable Parts, Where You Can Choose From A Large Array Of Koshirae, Habaki, Ito, Sageo And Saya. We Also Can Engrave Your Name Or Something Else You Like On The Blade!!! If You Have Other Mind, Please Send Me A Message Through Your Email Before Or After You Purchase, Sword Will Be Made According To Your Required

We Accpet Any Blade Customize Work. Like Hamon Type / Blade Structure / Length / Sori / Fittings / Engrave / Kissaki Type,Etc......

Material: 1095 High Carbon Steel, T-10 Steel. L6 Steel , 9260 Spring Steel , Folded Steel, Etc......

Structure: maru, folded steel, Sanmai, Hon-Sanmai, Shihozume, Soshu Kitae, Kobuse, Gomai Etc.....

Length: This Is Just A Reference Size Chart, We Recommend You To Ask Your Sensei For Choosing The Most Suitable Size For Your Katana.

The blade attains it’s sharp edge during the polishing process, with the final stages of fine stone polishing. Our swords are made with a traditional niku edge by default, meaning the cutting edge side of the blade is convex, slightly rounded for maximum durability. Traditionally, Japanese swords are made with niku so the samurai’s blade could retain it’s cutting edge even after cutting through his enemy’s bones and clashing against iron armor. Additionally, the added thickness meant the edge could be resharpened several times which was important considering the sword’s value. While we always recommend niku sharpness which is still very sharp and functional, we also offer a razor sharp option, which offers a sharper edge but sacrifices some durability, only suggested for light cutting such as tatami mats.

Most swords are finished within 3-4 weeks. We’ll send pictures of your sword by email for confirmation (Please whitelist to make sure you get our email). We have semi-finished blades ready for the most common blade designs that can be polished and assembled as needed. Shirasaya Tanto and wakizashi swords usually take around a week longer to make since they are not as commonly ordered. Very customized swords such as blades with custom length and custom painted scabbards will take closer to 4-5 weeks.

Shipping usually takes around 7-12 days to most countries including United States, Canada, and Australia. In some cases bad weather and also the pre-Christmas rush can delay shipping around 1-2 weeks. We’ll provide a tracking number when your sword ships that you’ll be able to track