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Shinken of swords is focus on Japanese swords made, all Nodachi of Shinken swords are made of high carbon steel , folded steel, L6 steel, T10 steel , etc. They are full hand polished and hand sharpened. All katanas come with full tang blade. Shinken of swords katanas are strong enough to cut bamboo tree and iron wire, yet sharp enough to slice paper.

Blade: -The Blade Of The Sword Has Been Hand Forged Using The Ancient  Method Of Sword Making . Full Hand Forged And Full Hand Polished.-The Blade Was Made Of T-10 High Carbon Folded Steel, And It Has Been Laminated  In A Pucker Configuration(Damascus Steel). Differential Hardened And..
Blade: -The blade of the sword has been hand forged using the ancient method of sword  making . full hand forged and full hand polished.-The blade was made of T-10 high carbon steel, and it has been laminated in a  Maru configuration(Single type mono steel). differential hardened and ..
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