Customized Clay Tempered Japanese Battle Ready Samurai Katana Wakizashi Tanto Nodachi Swords

-10%  Customized Clay Tempered Japanese Battle Ready Samurai Katana Wakizashi Tanto Nodachi Swords

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Important Notes:

(1):We can customize your unique sword ,hamon type / blade struture& Length / Sori / Fittings / Evgrave / kissaki type, Or You Want Replace This Sword Fitting, Please Click Here 


(2): We will send sword pictures to you when your sword is completed, and we will ship it to you by EMS (Worldwide Express Mail Service) after your confirmation. and we will send tracking numbers to your registered mail.


(3): Each customized sword comes with a free sword bag and a certificate of authenticity. ( Exceed 300USD Sword Will Have A Extra Box.)

Customize Your Own Katana

Options of a custom sword includes:

  • Sword Size: Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto, Nodachi,and custom size you choice.
  • Blade Material : from the most basic 9260 Spring Steel, 1095 High carbon Steel to high quality kobuse blades.
  • Blade Type: Shinogi Zukuri, Shobu Zukuri, Unokubi Zukuri, Naginata Etc..
  • Hi (blood groove): no groove or with groove.
  • Ito (handle cord): Choose from cotton or slik or leather ito wrapping in a varitey of hues. 
  • SAME'GAWA(ray skin): 4 colors to choose from.
  • Tsuka-maki(handle wrapping): Heneri-maki or Katate-maki.
  • Saya (scabbard): Select from normal saya or high quality saya in a varitey of hues.
  • Sageo (saya cord): 10 kinds of sageo to choose from.
  • Tsuba Fittings: Choose from over one hundred unique blade guard designs.
  • Note: you can write any additional requests here, such as free engraving, other fittings or designs.
  • Click here to view all available Japanese swords fittings.

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